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I-Tip Micro Links Application

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The I-Tip Pre-Tipped Extensions are a simple way to attach your Extensions, and does not require the use of heat or glue. If you plan on attaching the Extensions yourself, you may need a little help to do the back of your head.

In addition to the Pre-Tipped I-Tip Extensions, you will also need a Pulling Needle, Extension Plier and Micro Links.

Step 1  - Section  Hair, always from bottom to top

Step 2- Insert Pulling Needle through Link

Step 3 - Grab a section of Hair with the Pulling Needle

Step 4 - Pull hair through the link and up just below the Hairline

Step 5 - Insert Pre-Tipped I-Tip Extension through the link

Step 6 - Flatten Link with Extension Plier (not pictured) which secures the Extension to your own Hair

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